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Chenonceau, another Chateau in the Loire Valley of France-

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On my last trip to France I was excited that I would be visiting the Loire Valley, a region I had not seen on previous visits. My time was to be spent visiting the Chateau’s and I had no idea I would love it so much, I should have, knowing how I love visiting the castles of England and Scotland.

One of my favorite was Chateau de Chenonceau, it’s the stuff fairy tale’s are made of. Starting with the long tree lined drive, walking in was like walking through a tunnel of trees, I can only imagine arriving by a horse drawn carriage back in the 13th century when the Chateau was built. As you come to the end of the tree lined drive you get your first glimpse of the beautiful Chateau. It’s built along and actually above the Cher River and is boarded by deep moats on the other sides.

The Chateau has had many owners and guests come and go over the years including Francois I, Henry VII and VIII, Catherine de Medici, Francis II and Mary Stuart to name but a few, giving the Chateau a rich and varied history. The architecture shows not only the influence of those in the Loire Valley but also Italian Renaissance as well.

Inside the Chateau you can visit the chapel, the drawing rooms where the kings received their guests, the Gallery over the river where great dances and parties were held, the kitchens that fed all the inhabitants and guests as well as the bedrooms of the famous owners and we haven’t even mentioned the art collections. The Chateau has a great IPod guided tour that is definitely worth the time to take, it’ll be a few hours long.

Before leaving be sure to stroll through the gardens and marvel at this beautiful Chateau and the stories it could tell if walls could talk.

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