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European Cruise Itineraries and River Cruises

Last year alone, approximately seven million people enjoyed a cruise vacation! Not enough can be said about the benefits and features of European cruises. Cruises have a lot of options to choose from. You can never get bored while on board a cruise ship! Each cruise line has its own entertainment to offer. From fitness facilities and pools to climbing walls, hot tubs and bars-not to mention the world class spas and sumptuous dining experiences offered on most cruise lines. There is indeed something for everyone! So how do you decide?

European cruises are convenient and comfortable with the comforts of home while having the amenities of a luxury hotel at your fingertips. Your cabin is your hotel room on the move. You travel in style while visiting key destinations in various European cities. You don’t have to be concerned with the hassles of having to drive long distances as you hop from one destination to another while only unpacking once. Europe is a destination that just seems to get more popular with each passing year.  With good reason: there’s more history, natural beauty and culinary delights.  Are you a history lover? Do you dream about visiting the Acropolis at Athens, the Colosseum in Rome, or the Tower of London?   Then there’s the natural beauty of Europe.  The majesty of the Norwegian Fjords is a tough act to follow, along with the semi-sunken splendor of Venice and the white washed beauty of the Greek Islands like Mykonos, Rhodes, and Santorini.

You can choose from traditional ocean cruises or river cruising in Europe.

Traditional European cruises usually travel the coast of the continent and stop in major ports from Istanbul to Venice and from Barcelona to London and many ports in between.  Most European cruises are 10-14 days in length and many with multiple nights in select ports of call.  Cruises are a great value for your money.  Enjoy the beauty of spectacular scenery and great art; the taste and aroma of extraordinary food and wine; the tangibility of thousands of years of history. The price of your cruise typically includes all of your meals and in-between snacks on-board; your accommodation, most on board activities, children programs and entertainment.  Cruises offer a lot of variety on and off board. Enjoy one great show after another, enjoy daily tour excursions, visit the spa, listen to a lecture, shop and then dance the night away, or you can lie back and just read a book on deck and just let your cares float away.

River cruises travel upon intercontinental rivers such as the Rhine and Danube. After 1992, the Rhine and Danube were connected, providing 2,200 miles of unobstructed waterways through over a dozen countries, most not readily accessible on an ocean cruise. Other famous rivers are the Volga and the Rhone. River cruises traverse Europe to the North Sea, offering the beautiful scenery of Switzerland, Germany, France and Russia visiting charming medieval villages, lush vineyards and fairytale castles. While Europe’s river cruise ships vary in standards and quality, a vacation on European river cruises is mostly all-inclusive, providing your accommodations, meals and cultural entertainment onboard, and select excursions ashore.  The best thing about a river cruise is river cruises stop right in the heart of town maximizing your shore time.

From the crystal clear Mediterranean waters of Italy to the breathtaking scenes of the Baltic Sea, Europe’s waterways provide the perfect escape to a land of serene beauty, unmatched cuisine, intriguing culture, and unforgettable experiences.

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