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Hurricane Dean – After the Storm


Hurricane Dean was a week of confusion, frustration, fear and anxiety for those traveling to or from St. Lucia, Jamaica, Cancun and other Caribbean Islands. Fortunately most resort areas were spared significant damage and needed only clean-up and a bit of landscape repair.

Totem Travel had quite a few people in Jamaica and our owner was on the island before during and after the hurricane. Given her experience, and feedback from several clients, we’d like to give a big plug to all the Sandals and Beaches Resorts. 

In Negril we had a couple scheduled to be married on the Sunday Hurricane Dean hit. They reported that the staff spent a lot of time boarding up windows, putting away all water sports toys and chaise lounges and making sure anything not attached to the ground was secured. Guests were briefed on a regular basis, given a worst case scenario and warned to fill their bath tubs in case water was turned off after the storm. Ultimately Negril weathered the storm so well there was no structural damage to any buildings and the resorts were up and running the day after the storm. Yeah!

In Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, full power was restored the day after the storm and our clients reported that all on site staff remained helpful and gracious despite worries about their own families and homes.

Since St. Lucia and Jamaica did experience hurricane force winds, Sandals and Beaches enacted their Blue Chip Hurricane Guarantee and every guest staying at 13 Sandals and Beaches Resorts received a free replacement vacation (excluding airfare) to return. The free replacement stay is for the same duration and room category as the originally booked trip and is valid for one year after the original vacation.

This means that our clients that booked a 6 or 7 day stay including last Sunday, can return for another week in the future free of charge! Pretty good policy huh?

If you’d like to hear more about the amazing Sandals and Beaches resorts please call or email one of Totem Travel’s 3 Sandals Specialists. We’ve been to all 17 resorts in Jamaica, Bahamas, St Lucia, Antigua and Turks and Caicos and would love to help you plan your Sandals or Beaches vacation.

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