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Independent, Hosted & Escorted Tours in Europe

There are so many different way to experience Europe! In my years of travel and especially since I started working at Totem Travel I’ve been to most every Western European country and some Eastern European countries as well.
I’ve toured independently using the train, I’ve been on escorted tours, I’ve been hosted by tourism boards and I’ve done city hops and stays on my own. Each type of travel has its good points and different types seem right at different times, so let’s talk about some of the options.

Hosted touring is a little different than escorted tours in that it includes transportation, accommodations, daily breakfast and sightseeing, but you will travel from place to place on your own using pre-arranged rail or bus. At each hotel there will be a host that will take you on a sightseeing excursion or two, answer questions and make suggestions of other things to see & do. However there will be a different host in each city you visit and you’ll also be on your own for most lunches and dinners. This type of touring has a basic structure but leaves more free time and flexibility to do as you please.

Independent touring is what the name suggests – you’re on your own. We often recommend hotel reservations that include daily breakfast and pre-planned transportation between cities via rail or car rental. As an option, we can also plan day tours to avoid long lines for popular attractions and museums, but you will be on your own schedule. You can stay wherever you’d like for as long as you’d like and what you do in between is totally up to you!

I’ve written in the past about escorted tours which are a great value and certainly worry free. Everything is taken care of from accommodations to sightseeing, meals and baggage plus you have the full time services of a guide to help with the language and any special services you might need. Escorted tours are available worldwide and range from a few days in length to more than a month long and everything in between. A few of my favorite tour companies are featured on our Europe page. Just click on Globus or Trafalgar for descriptions and details on their tours and read my earlier posts for more info.

For any type of travel to Europe I hope you’ll call or email us  Our next Europe Night is October 3rd at 6p so please join us!

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