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Lanai Island, Hawaii

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As a travel agent for Totem Travel part of my passion for travelling is that it appeals to my needs to explore and do things I have never done. On my recent vacation to Maui, I decided to visit the Island of Lanai. Lanai – At 18 miles wide and 13 miles long, Lanai is the most secluded island in the Hawaiian island chain. In my opinion, the best way to sample the island of Lanai is by taking a catamaran over with Trilogy Excursions  808-874-5649;

When you check in at the harbor, you can see the crew getting the catamaran ready for your adventure. We were greeted by Captain Chuck and invited to start boarding. On board they invited us to stow our bags and head up top for the best views.  Once we were all settled and accounted for we started out for Lanai. The water was a deep azul almost black in some places. Lanai was off in the distance with some low laying fog visible from our seats. The crew on my trip was Nick and his brother Dominic and a wonderful young lady named Alex.  After a few minutes a mouth watering smell of hot cinnamon rolls made its way up from the galley. While the cinnamon rolls were being served, Captain Chuck talked about the island and what the itinerary was for the day. Through out the ride over, the crew served us juice and kept us well fed with fresh fruit and later on delicious wraps.  Along the way we stopped to view the amazing spinner dolphins as they showed off their fins in the water and their fabulous dance moves as they dipped and dived in and out of the water. They were graceful as well as playful as they sped along in front of us.

Once we arrived in Lanai, we had the option of going straight to the beach or doing a local tour that took us into Lanai City. I decided to hop on the city tour. We had a fabulous local guide by the name of Moana who had live on and off Lanai for most of her life. She had fabulous knowledge of the history of the pineapple plantations and the growth of Lanai through the years.

While driving from the harbor to the town of Lanai City, it is hard to believe that you are on the same island. The landscape changes from tropical beach to wild west prairies on the drive to Lanai City.   We went from approximately 95 degrees on the beach to 75 and afternoon showers in town. Images in my head are of hot desert sand under my toes and cool green Cook Island pines (planted to collect moisture) in the fog  because water is scarce on the island.

Lanai’s central town – for a wonderful array of shops, restaurants and local businesses all centered around Dole Park. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can grab a cup of coffee from Coffee Works, dine like a local at the Blue Ginger Café, or enjoy other delicious fare at Canoes, Café 565 or Pele’s Other Garden.

After the tour we headed out to the beach to snorkel, snuba or just relax in the sun. Manele bay and Hulopoe Bay (recently named America’s best beach) are simple breath taking. Because they are protected by a reef they are great for snorkeling and swimming. The crew of Trilogy I had the snorkeling equipment set up and ready to go. My first two attempts at snorkeling were not very successful. So as I bravely asked for my size 8 snorkel fins they asked why I was so nervous. I said well I feel like I am suffocating. Alex offered to go out with me on a surf board and help me learn how to breathe using the mask so I could successfully snorkel. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated her patience and encouragement. She was fantastic! You could tell she loves her job. She paddled out with me and slowly walked me through how to fit my mask, how to use the breathing apparatus and gave me little tips like don’t smile under water otherwise water will get into your mask. I couldn’t help but smile! So naturally water got into my mask. She made my first successful experience snorkeling fun and safe! After time on the beach we head back toward the marina where they had a barbeque set up for us. The lunch was sumptuous with BBQ chicken, Chinese stir fry noodles with corn on the cob and a yummy dessert.

After a leisurely lunch, we all head back on board Trilogy I and sailed back to Lahaina with an amazing sunset for a backdrop and rainbows welcoming us in the clouds over Maui.

I loved my experience and I will be back to sail Trilogy again and visit the enticing island of Lanai. If you would like more information about visiting the island of Lanai or would like more information about booking a trip to Maui, please feel free to give me a call at 425-821-4100 or send me an email


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