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Review of Uprising Beach Resort,Fiji from a Totem Travel Client

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Uprising Beach Resort recently added some fantastic Commodore Villa Bures located both on the beach and in the gardens.  These villas are spacious with big bathrooms and outdoor showers while retaining a authentic “Fijian” atmosphere.  The resort offers budget to moderate accommodations and is on one of the nicer beaches in the area.  Uprising Beach just might be the best value dollar for dollar in Fiji and because the resort is located in the Pacific Harbour area on the main island of Viti Levu, there are many off resort activities at your disposal in addition to activities on the water.  Here is what my family of four (2 adults and 2 teenage sons) wrote about their 7 night stay at the end of August 2011.


It was a wonderful trip and Uprising was much much better than the reviews.  The bures were great and the one we stayed in very new and right on the beach.  The beach was very very nice sandy and could walk right in and still sand.  Some of the other beaches we went to very nice but rocky.  We walked to Pearl and there really is no comparison in fact a couple of folks from Pearl walked down the beach and saw Uprising and moved to it so that they could have Bures right on a beach.  We were in the newer bures and some folks preferred the older ones since more traditional but either way they are both nice.

The service was great and people were very nice.  The food was good and well priced.  It is low key since not a lot of bures but the boys still had fun especially since the “Experience Fiji” for 18-23 age folks goes through there every couple of days so interesting crowd from different places (Chicago, London, Ireland etc).  Also walking distance to different places.   We did the Kayak all day trip and the boat excursion to one of the islands and it was very nice.  We especially enjoyed the kayaking since included a village visit, waterfalls hike, water boat.  The village we went to at the time was hosting the monthly province meeting of chiefs so very interesting and lots of Chiefs/Kava all around.

The staff during the day tries to have entertainment like a big barbeque, another time coconut and historical uses of it presentation, live bands, bon fires, free catamaran trips so overall they make it interesting. 

We definitely would go back.  You were right the Fijians are very very nice people. 

Thank you for all your help in setting everything up.  Will be posting pictures soon.


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