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Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

The first time I was in Sydney Australia my son was too young to climb the harbor bridge and on subsequent trips to Australia there wasn’t enough time in Sydney.   So when we had the opportunity this year we jumped at the chance and made it to the top on the Ultimate Sydney Bridge climb.  A fantastic experience and memory that will last forever!

For those a bit fearful of heights (and that would include me) I’ll begin by saying the safety procedures were truly impressive. In fact the first 45 minutes or so of your “climb” will be associated with preparation and safety including a breathalyzer test for alcohol which may not be consumed before a bridge climb.

Assuming one is sober, the next step is to gear up!  Everything is provided from a fashionable gray and blue jumpsuit, snazzy wrist band with attached handkerchief, a lanyard for sunglasses and waist belt with metal carabiner to attach one’s body to the bridge.

Absolutely nothing loose is allowed which means no purses, backpacks or cameras on the bridge and all personal items must be secured in a locker.  Even hairclips can be a problem and several ladies in our group were given hair bands in their place.

This suiting up is done with great efficiency and humor as cheeky young Aussies explain how each safety procedure was developed to overcome objections raised by conservative (and undoubtedly older) legislators before the bridge climb became a reality.  A process that apparently took years.

When preparations are complete, each group of 10-14 is led out through a stone passageway onto the bridge struts and the climb begins in earnest!

There are hundreds of metal steps and several vertical ladders to ascend/descend so participants must be in reasonable physical condition, but kids as young as 10 are allowed and our group included seniors, so pretty much anyone physically fit can do it.  Another factor to consider is the weather because the Sydney Bridge Climb takes place 365 days a year whether the day is cold, hot, windy or rainy and it’s a very popular activity so many people plan ahead.

The Ultimate Sydney Bridge Climb takes about 3 ½ hours in total and includes prep time, stops for photos (available for sale as no cameras are allowed… ) and changing back into civilian clothes. The cost starts around $180 per person with premium rates for twilight and night climbs.  Kids and groups are discounted.

We were fortunate and had moderate temperatures, clear blue skies and sunshine for our climb and we enjoyed eye popping views of the entire city, the Opera House and Sydney Harbor from the top.  All in all it was a thrill to climb the bridge and stand 440 feet above it all.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat and suggest you include this and other unique adventures in your Australia plans!

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