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When to use a travel agent and how to get the best travel deal

Several times a week we are asked “why would I work with a travel agent?” and even more often “what does it cost to work with a travel agent?”

The first question reflects the huge array of travel information, hotel reviews, pictures and prices found online.  Given the sheer volume of information available 24/7, the many excellent price comparison services, and the fact that Google has organized it so beautifully, it’s not surprising to be asked why a travel agent would be useful.

The second question follows because we naturally assume that getting personal service from a professional will cost more than doing it ourselves.  After all, a trip to Home Depot takes some time but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than calling a plumber or an electrician.  Right?

Well that’s not always the case when you work with a professional travel agent.  In fact their services are often free. So, when should you call a travel agent and when should you do it yourself?

If you’re not sure what you want, have questions, want an unbiased opinion from a professional, are planning an important or complex trip, are short on time, have special needs, are headed to a new destination or just want help sorting through all the information and options, call or email a travel agent that specializes in your destination.

Most travel agencies, including Totem Travel, do not charge service fees for booking vacation packages, honeymoons and cruises and the best travel agents will shop every possible source including online services, packages, specials and wholesalers to find the best deal for you.  In fact, if a lower price is offered after purchase, a travel agent can often assist with a price match or adjustment.

Totem Travel and other travel agencies may charge a trip planning fee to prepare a complex, customized itinerary.  However that fee usually applies to the trip cost.  So it is not an extra cost, rather a protection of a professional’s time and advice should no reservations be made.

Many travel agents no longer sell airline tickets or make car reservations unless in connection with accommodations or other services.  Some agencies still provide these services but charge service fees.  So if you’re buying an airline ticket or just need a car, by all means pick your favorite online travel source and do it yourself.

If you are planning a vacation or honeymoon and want the best possible price plus advice from an expert, look for a travel agent that specializes in your destination and share your ideas.  This is one of the few situations that you can get personal service from a professional without paying a penny extra… It’s the best travel deal going!

Totem Travel specializes in honeymoons, all inclusive resorts, Europe, Tahiti, Fiji and Australia.  We hope you contact us before your next vacation!  Linda

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