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Young adults save bank on vacation travel in Europe and the world

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If you’re a student, a young couple or a professional between the ages of 18 and 35 I can help you with a tour that’s made just for you, you can choose your own adventure, get some culture, party with people your own age and save bank while doing it!

Hey honeymooners, you’re married, not old, get out there and see the world!

If you are a parent or grandparent, make your kids day by sending them away……. On a Contiki tour with people their own age! Great for a graduation present from high school or college.

What’s different about Contiki is that not only do you have to be between 18-35 years of age to travel and believe me there are lots of you from all over the world traveling,  but also because of the experiences offered at each stop along the way. You certainly won’t fit into the old adage that ‘it’s Thursday, it must be Munich’. All you 18-35 year olds want to explore and see the world in a new way and with a new perspective; with Contiki you can do that.

Let’s start with the planning… and the question is… what planning? Contiki does it for you! They have tours starting at just 9 days long and stretching up to 35 days. You could focus on a single country, like Italy, explore a region such as Scandinavia or go for the 35 day tour and see 18 countries, including all of Western Europe and adding in Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and a Greek Island cruise and of course there are all kinds of options in between. Contiki also offers itineraries to see and explore Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Egypt, Canada and the USA.

As an experienced Contiki agent, they call us their Rock Stars, I am here to help you choose the tour that’s best for you. Once on tour you will meet other people in your own age group from all over the world, how cool is that? Kick it with some Aussies or check out the local scene with your new friends from Canada. Even your guides will be 18-35 years old, so they’ll really ‘get you’. You could dance until dawn in Barcelona, climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, toast in the beer halls of Munich, island hop in Greece or skydive in New Zealand, it’s not just the destination, its all about what you do once you’re there.

I can help you choose a tour that will include some of the legendary festivals in Europe such as Germany’s Oktoberfest, Scotland‘s Military Tattoo in Edinburgh, the Cannes Film Festival in France or the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

The Superior tours start at just $108 per day. You’ll sleep in comfy hotels that are centrally located with easy access to all the sights you want to see. And since you paid in advance for your tour, saving bank at such great rates with no currency exchange, you’ll have more money for shopping and spending on your holiday!

Whether you’re bringing your best friend, traveling as a couple or heading out solo, you’ll undoubtedly make friends with people from around the world; travel connections you’ll have long after the trip has ended, so call Jennefer at Totem Travel, remember, I’m a Rock Star and I’ll hook you up to the best Contiki tour for you, you’ll save money AND see the world!!

Call me at (425) 821-4100 or email Linda and we’ll be your new Rock Star travel agents!

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