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Honeymoon + family travel down + hurricanes = killer deals!

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It may be 90 degrees in Seattle, but summer is over for kids in school and most 2013 brides are posting their pictures on Facebook not planning a honeymoon. Add the threat of hurricanes and thunderstorms in some of the most popular vacation destinations and you have a very predictable slump in travel. But planes are still flying so airlines scramble to fill seats and fall is often the best time to buy an airline ticket and plan a vacation or destination wedding in the Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti or Fiji.

Take as an example airfares to Jamaica and Punta Cana, both are about as low as they ever go and one airfare search site gives it a 70% probability that fares will rise in the next week. With all due respect, the experts at Totem Travel expect fares to stay low for about the next 60 days and can almost guarantee that if you book after Labor Day and travel by mid December avoiding the holidays you’ll get the lowest price of the year for an adult only all inclusive resort vacation, family getaway, Fiji island package or overwater bungalow on Bora Bora.

So think about your wishlist, check out some of our favorite deals then call or email us. We’ll make sure you get the best deal possible and come home smiling from the best vacation ever!


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