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Our Seattle based travel agency has always focused on the importance of truly knowing a destination, rather than simply looking for the cheapest deal. We’ve heard horror stories from travelers who bought “5 Star Hotel” packages only to arrive in the city’s outskirts, found excellent deals on tours in areas with more mosquitoes than culture and shown up in their destination only to be swept away by hurricane winds. Just a few days ago, recognized our agency for its dedication to planning with a mention in its popular travel section. The article highlighted the importance of climate in planning a trip and our owner, Linda, was quoted saying “September is a delightful month to be in Fiji but it’s the monsoon season in Thailand.”

Weather is important, and I’m in the process of adding more weather information to our site such as our new Australia Weather Information page, but really there are so many more variables that come into play when planning a trip. The problem for travelers is that not all of them are identifiable through research alone and if you don’t know the right questions to ask, not even the best search engine will provide the answers.

Having planned nearly all of my trips with Totem Travel before coming to work here, I can attest to the service that they provided. Through my travels, I’ve come to realize that the true value of working with an experienced travel agent is not the simplification of the planning process, but the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they bring to the table. Someone who has been there before you knows so much more than can be found through diligent research alone. They know the best places for food, the best tour guides to follow, the activities to avoid, and the ones that will be truly memorable. While every hotel, tour company and restaurant will tell you why you should travel with them, a good travel agent will work with you to find what best fits your needs and personality. Whether you’re going to Europe, Tahiti, Fiji, the Caribbean, Hawaii or elsewhere, chances are that we’ve been there too!

In short, check out our website, get excited about all the possibilities there are for your next trip, and when you are ready to plan it, consider talking to a Destination Specialist at Totem Travel. We’ll make sure that you get personalized help from a travel expert at no extra cost!

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