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Princess Cruises offers “Love Boat” weddings at sea!

I just completed Princess Cruise Lines’ travel agent training program and I am now certified as a Commodore, the highest rank!  The training took several months and covered the entire fleet of Princess cruise ships, all their destinations, cruise tour itineraries and special features and services.

Although I’ve been a travel agent for 13 years and have cruised many times, I still learned a lot.  For example, did you know that you can cruise to Antarctica or up the Amazon River on a Princess Cruise? 

I have sailed with many other cruise lines but Princess is still a favorite.  Their entertainment is simply outstanding and the “Personal Choice” dining option is wonderful.  You can choose where, when and with whom you dine each evening and there are always great restaurant choices like a steak house, Asian cuisine and an Italian restaurant with 16 course dinner… amazing!

In my opinion, Princess Cruises is also the best choice for an Alaska cruise tour with wonderful lodges and a glass dome train to Denali National park where you’ll (hopefully) see the tallest mountain in the U.S., Mt McKinley.  There are also special extras on the cruise like naturalist lectures and guest appearances by well know Alaska adventurers, such as Libby Riddle, the first women to win the Iditarod. 

Another cool feature offered by Princess is the opportunity to be married at sea.  Most cruise lines will arrange a wedding ceremony prior to sailing, but on select Princess ships you can actually be married by the ship’s captain during your cruise! 

Onboard wedding coordinators help with everything from tuxedos to flowers to legal documents and family and friends can even observe your “Love Boat” ceremony live via Wedding Cam.  Pictures are beamed directly from the ship’s wedding chapel to a website where your guests can access them on a private link.  I told you this was cool!

Call or email if you need more information on weddings at sea, Alaska Cruise Tours or any other Princess Cruise destination.  In the interim I’m off to the Caribbean for a future report on Carnival Cruise LInes. 

TTFN!  Sandi  – Princess Cruises Commodore

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