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Where To Honeymoon During Hurricane Season In The Caribbean.

Click for slideshow of the Bora Bora Pearl in Tahiti

Many couples get married in the summertime and get all excited to honeymoon in the Caribbean, only to learn that June through October is hurricane season.  So I am often asked by couples, where can we honeymoon and still be safe from hurricanes?

There are some fabulous destinations where the best weather is during our summer months here in the U.S.    One of the more popular choices is a South Pacific honeymoon.  May through October is the best time to travel to the South Pacific and avoid their cyclone season which is primarily in January, February and March.  Tahiti has the visual “wow factor” and is one of the more popular honeymoon destinations if your budget allows.  From the beautiful island of Bora Bora to the island of Moorea, overwater bungalows are everywhere creating that exotic and romantic ambiance that the South Pacific is known for.

Another fantastic choice and one of our favorites in the South Pacific would be a Fiji honeymoon.  The Fijian islands are home to the friendliest people in the world and some say when you return from Fiji, you are a nicer person than before you left!  There are so many wonderful outer island resorts at various price points in Fiji, so even with a modest budget, you can experience an exotic Fijian honeymoon.  These outer island resorts are sprinkled with individual bures and are pure paradise for those seeking to get away from it all. We have two Fiji Matai Specialists in our office, as well as one Tahiti Tiare Specialist. So if you are looking for someone who really knows the South Pacific, we have you covered.

For those who want a more active and adventurous honeymoon, the climate in most of Australia and New Zealand is perfect during this time of year.  An Australia honeymoon during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months would allow you to experience Australia in their winter. The weather is more temperate allowing you to enjoy the exotic animals, places like Ayers Rock and sophisticated cities without baking in the sun down under.  Our agency owner, Linda has travelled to Australia & New Zealand often and can share with you some of her favorite “must see” spots in Australia and New Zealand.

Romance without the hurricane threat also can be found with a European honeymoon where you can take in the sites of Paris or enjoy a gelato in Rome or Venice.  Some of our clients prefer to incorporate a few countries and major sites and test out romance in more than one country.  We have a Europe specialist who can help put together the European honeymoon of your dreams.

But if your heart is set on the Caribbean, some safer spots are in the southern or eastern Caribbean where hurricanes are less likely to strike.  Some islands that make great choices in this region are St. Lucia or Antigua where you can find four Sandals “Couples Only” all inclusive resorts.  A Sandals honeymoon really takes the stress out of honeymoon and allows you to enjoy great beaches, water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, great food and drinks,  ALL INCLUDED!  We have three Sandals Specialists in the office and we have been to all of the resorts.   So if you are interested in a Sandals All Inclusive Honeymoon, just give us a call at 1-800-321-7907.  We are happy to help you find shelter from hurricanes and the romantic honeymoon of your dreams.

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