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Molokai Island, Hawaii

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As a travel agent for Totem Travel, recently I had the pleasure of experiencing the island of Molokai. From Maui the easiest way to get to Molokai is by ferry. As I headed off to the harbor in Lahaina, I could just see the sun poking its head through the morning clouds over the mountains of Maui. It was a very early morning start with the Lahaina Cruise Company. The ferry I was on was the Molokai Princess. Of course being an explorer at heart, I headed topside for the best views. On the way over we were served a complimentary continental breakfast with juice, fresh fruit and muffins.  When we arrived we were met by our tour guide Kalani. Today I was going to enjoy the Molokai Ali’i tour . This tour has an excellent overview of the island of Molokai. Highlights of my tour included the Kalaupapa Sea Cliff Lookout, Father Damien’s Churches, Purdy’s Macadamia nut plantation, Hawaiian Fishponds, an operating coffee plantation and quaint and eclectic Kaunakakai Town. We also enjoyed a nice lunch at the Hotel Molokai with amazing oceanfront views.  Kalani’s knowledge of the history of the island was very impressive as well. All in all it was a perfect day.

After dropping everyone else back at the harbor, I was dropped off back at the lovely Hotel Molokai for the night. The agent at the front desk was Carly. She was very sweet and answered all my questions with a smile. I inquired about Halawa waterfall hike or other day trips. There is truly a lot to do on Molokai.  After I received my key to room 221, I grabbed my bag for a short walk through the well manicured grounds of the hotel.  Through out the property you can see plumeria trees in blossom. Right out front of the property are huge mango trees that I was invited to go pick fresh fruit from.  My room was beautiful with high ceilings and wood beams and a huge bed with views direct to the ocean. Stepping out the sliding glass door to my lanai, I had amazing views of the ocean and the Pailolo Channel that looks across to Lanai. After getting settled in, I decided to go get something cold to drink from the bar and take a dip in their ocean front pool. The view from both the restaurant and the pool as the sun was setting was amazing. That night I ordered prime rib from the Hula Shores restaurant and it was the best I’ve had in my life. It was very relaxing just sitting on my lanai, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the music that was being played by a live band by the pool.

The following morning, I picked up my car rental from the hotel. The young lady, Iris, was very charming as she talked about working for Enterprise at the hotel.  First thing I did after I got in my rental was head back to this amazing coffee shop called the Blue Monkey. I had the most amazing cup of coffee called Toasted Coconut. After getting my much needed jolt of caffeine, I decided to head off to this lonely stretch of beach on the other side of the island called Papohaku Beach. This was the most spectacular beach I have ever laid eyes on.  After walking on that lone stretch of beach I decided to head off to Halawa to view the waterfalls. The road on the way to the falls is mountains on one side and historical fish ponds, mango trees and taro patches and pure ocean on the other.  My last stop on the way back from my drive around Molokai was to stop at Molokai Pizza Café. My guide told me that if I wanted the best burger in Molokai – this was the place. I was not disappointed. Big juicy burger layered with mushrooms, provolone and bacon almost as big as the plate! Sadly, I had to return my car and get back on the Molokai Princess and head back to Maui. From snorkeling to kayaking and horseback riding to hiking – There was so much to see and do that I have to go back!

My impression of Molokai is one of beauty and wilderness coupled with aloha cultural and sprinkled with grace and charm. The first thing you notice is the absence of background noise. My subconscious has so many images of Molokai. I basked in the feel of hot sun and cool afternoon breezes on my skin. The sound of slack key guitar was wafting into my room with the evening breeze.  As well as the gentle gurgle and splash of the waves as they hit the beach. The sound of the night wind whispering through the windows. In the distance I heard the hollow sound of hand carved coconut wood chimes ringing melodically. The smell of sea salt air mixed with the tangy scent of mango trees and plumeria while watching the sun dip into the horizon as it fades from gold to hot pink while tiny crabs scuttle along the beach.

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