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Tahiti vs Fiji – stretching your honeymoon budget



Yesterday Air Pacific dropped airfares to $860 roundtrip between LAX and Fiji and as of today the U.S. dollar is worth more than 2 Fijian dollars.  That adds up to incredible vacation for travelers headed to the South Pacific. In fact I put together an excellent 8 night 2 island honeymoon including a beachfront bure at a favorite resort, airfare and some meals for less than $4K total for two…. during high season.  That’s a deal!

Tahiti’s fares haven’t come down that far but there are excellent values in those islands as well.  Some of the best resorts are offering free nights or free meals, but even so a similar Tahiti honeymoon will still be $6-7K.  That’s largely because the cost of goods and services purchased in the islands is much less in Fiji.

Math isn’t everyone’s forte but most of my clients undertand it when I say our dollar is worth 3 times as much in Fiji than in Tahiti.  Let’s use a $100 bill as an example.  In Tahiti, that particular greenback is worth 75 EU (Euro), while in Fiji it’s worth 222 FJD (Fijian Dollars).  So if you’re sitting down to a restaurant meal, ordering a bottle of wine, shopping or headed for a snorkeling trip your money goes much further in Fiji.

Resort and hotel rates are also more affordable in Fiji and there are fantastic specials at some of my favorite resorts such as a 2 for 1 meal plan at Tokoriki, low season rates through high season at Qamea and free nights at Radisson Fiji.  So if you’re dreaming of a tropical honeymoon in the South Pacific please call or email and we’ll take a look at all the best vacation deals!

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